Returning from the Dead!

2012-10-11 14:18:21 by Fizuri

Not even Death itself can restrain me!

Hello again, Newgrounders! After a LOOONG break, I'm back from the dead! And it's literally, this time.

I'll explain: I had a little accident during a parkour training. I jumped from a building to land on a tree, but I slipped and fell more than 5 meters to the ground. I've hit my head, and on the way to the hospital my weak heart decided to make things worse, suddenly stopping. I've been dead for five minutes, with no heartbeat and no breathing. The medics were ready to turn off all the equipments, but then my heart and breathing came back. I've returned from the Deadland.

Oh, well, forget all of this. Now I'm back, and ready to work again at my works for Newgrounds. Hope to see you all again sometime!

Starting this... / Começando isso...

2008-08-22 07:57:18 by Fizuri

Well, I'm not good to introduce myself, but I'll try this time...

Hi! I am Fizuri, and, erm... I'm a squirrel. ^^ I'm from Brazil, and I really like sprite animations. Actually, I'm working on an sprite animation based on a story I wrote using the Sonic universe... I'll not give details of the story, because it's not finished yet, but I'll send an animation series of this story (soon, I hope).

Well... That's it. See ya!

Bom, não sou bom em me apresentar, mas vou tentar dessa vez...

Oi! Sou Fizuri, e, erm... Sou um esquilo. ^^ Sou do Brasil, e eu realmente gosto de animações de sprites. No momento, estou trabalhando em uma animação baseada numa história que escrevi usando o universo Sonic... Não vou dar detalhes da história, porque ainda não está terminada, mas vou mandar uma série de animações dessa história (logo, eu espero).

Bom... É isso. Até mais!